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Zeus + Thor Snow Bundle

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Zeus Snow Shovel & Brush + Thor Expandable, Double-Blade Ice Scraper. 


This winter must-have is a shovel, brush, and ice scraper in one.  A collapsible handle extends to make it a full-sized shovel and easily detaches to reveal a snow brush, while the high impact head doubles as an ice scraper.  Should the weather gods leave you in an icy situation, Zeus's ergonomic handle also features emergency reflectors for protection in hazardous conditions. 


  • Collapsed - 21" length x 9.5" width x 2.6" height
  • Extended - 27.5" length x 9.5" width x 2.5" height

Materials: plastic, aluminum, steel


Thor is designed to let you grip it with both hands for more leverage (and less strain) when scraping stubborn ice from the glass on your car.  Its telescoping arm reaches otherwise unreachable spots, and it collapses to fit comfortably under your car seat. 

Dimensions: extends 25" - 36" length

Materials: plastic, stainless steel, rubber



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