The Dorm Bundle

Introducing the Quirky Dorm Bundle!

Day one? Day one hundred? We’ve got you covered. Whether your dorm room was modeled after a prison cell or an MTV Crib, the Quirky Dorm Bundle will make sure your home away from home has got you set up for college success! After getting this bundle, you can go ahead and focus on the partying studying, because we got you covered.

What’s in it: Align, Bandits, Converge Pop (Black)*, Cordies (Charcoal)*, Pivot Power Pop Jr (Black)*, Powercurl Mini (Grey)*, Sheath, Solo (Charcoal)*, Upwrite, and Vessel (Grey)*.

* Please note that color may vary based on inventory. 

*Please note that this bundle is sold as one unit and there will be no exchanging single items unless manufacturing defect.