The Classrom Bundle

Introducing the Quirky Classroom Bundle!

The countdown has begun, and we know finding all of those much-needed items for heading back to school can be stressful! Whether you’re a student packing your bag or setting up your dorm, or a parent prepping for a successful first day, Quirky is here to lend a hand with our Quirky Classroom Bundle!

Packed with all of the necessities for the modern student, the Classroom Bundle will do everything except take your final exam for you.

What’s in it: Align, Bandits, Cordies (Charcoal)*, Powercurl Mini Pop (Grey)*, Sheath, and Upwrite.

* Please note that color may vary based on inventory. 

*Please note that this bundle is sold as one unit and there will be no exchanging single items unless manufacturing defect.