With 4 USB ports and 2 power outlets, MagneCharge maximizes your ability to rapidly charge all of your devices. Designed with a magnetic mount on top, MagneCharge gives you an under the desk storage option, so you don’t have to take up precious desk space. This magnetic charger features Ai Charge technology, which means the charger knows the make and model of your device, and can juice it up extra fast based on the device’s unique charging protocol.

Dimensions: 4.57"L x 4.87"W x 2.08"H


- Input: 100-240V ; 50/60Hz ; 0.5A max
- Joule Rating: 400
- Output Current: 6A max

Package Content:
- MagneCharge
- Adhesive Metal Plate
- Metal Plate Pads (x2)
- Cable Clips (x2)
- Cable Clips Pads (x3)
- User Guide