Valentines Gifts for Him [12 More Creative Gifts for your Valentine]

February 07, 2017

Valentines Gifts for Him [12 More Creative Gifts for your Valentine]

It’s everyone’s least favorite time of the year, mid-February. It’s cold, bleak, and gloomy, and everyone just wants a little sun already!

While there’s still a few more weeks of short days and English weather to go, the good news is that on February 14th, for one whole day, the clouds will part, Cupid’s arrow will soar down from above and fill your world with the effervescent thrum of love’s beating heart. Ah, the romance!

Who doesn’t love Valentine’s Day? You get to spend the day with your special someone, possibly eat out at your favorite restaurant, and exchange a small gift, a token of your mutual admiration.

Last week we ran an article on the best Valentines Gifts for Her, but it’s not just a holiday for the ladies anymore. The men have spoken and said, “Hey, we’d like a little Valentine’s Day gift from our boo too!”

The culture has heard you boys loud and clear! That’s exactly why, we here at Quirky have put together this super convenient list of the 12 best Valentines gifts for him!

Cord Organizers

Plug Hub Cord Manager

Price: $26.98

cable organizer - plughub

Everyone has one of those tan power strips in their room or office, stuffed to the gills with plugs and surrounded by a tangled web of cords.

It’s a nightmare!

Who hasn’t woken up in the middle of night, seeking a glass of water, only to be snagged around the ankle by one of those pesky cords? It’s a downright hazard.

But not anymore!

With the Plug Hub Cord Manager, the man in your life can neatly arrange all of his cords into a discreet, easy to hide compartment, and rest easy knowing the next time he awakes with a thirst for a little H2O, the path is clear.

Cordies Cord Keeper

Price: $12.99

cord organization - cordies product illustration

There really should be a scientific study done on the behavior of cords – how they always seem to find other cords to entangle themselves with and never remain in an organized position. Cords are ambassadors of chaos pure and simple.

But alas, there is hope. You don’t have to succumb to the entwined madness of dirty old headphones anymore!

With Cordies Cord Keeper, your hubby can fastidiously arrange all of the pesky cords in his life, and breathe a little easier. Talk about a great Valentines Day gift!

Cordies Executive Cord Keeper 

Price: $26.98

cord organization - cordies executive product illustration

Is your boo a big bad boss with a ton of responsibility and executive concerns? Does he live in a palace made of marble? Is his wine cellar filled with the finest aged Bordeaux? Well, regardless of whether or not any of the above applies to your guy, one thing is for sure. Tangled cords drive him crazy!

The good news is he’s not alone. Plenty of bigwig execs suffer from the same inexorable struggle.

That’s why Cordies Executive Cord Keeper is so amazing! Its genius design provides a small space to arrange all of his cords, small pads, smart phones, and more!

Make sure he mentions Cordies at his next Board Meeting (or should we say cord meeting… no we shouldn’t).

Wrapster Ear Bud Cord Organizer

Price: $5.99

cod organizers - wrapsters product illustrations

Last in our line of amazing cord organization technologies is the Wrapster Ear Bud Cord Organizer.

This nifty little contraption is different from the rest in that’s it not intended to remain in the house or on an office desk, but to travel with you wherever you go!

Never again will your man confront the rage-inducing annoyance of tangled headphones. No longer shall he sit there on the bus, digging his nails into knots like a child trying to solve a Chinese ring puzzle.

The simple life is ripe for the picking! All he needs is Wrapster!

Charging Stations 


Price: $129.99

charging stations - ohm product illustration

The Ohm station is a charging dock and portable speaker, all in one! This futuristic piece of tech is ideal for the music lover who’s often on the run.

Its groundbreaking design allows you to charge both your phone and portable speaker completely wirelessly! 

With the Ohm station your man peach will never be caught without his tunes. This is one Valentines Day gift he’ll never stop using. 

Converge V1

Price: $34.99

charging stations - converge product illustration

The Converge V1 charging station is the pinnacle of gadget convenience. Who hasn’t circled their office searching for an available outlet to charge a device?

With the Converge V1, you’re lovely hunk will never have to worry about that again. All of his charging cords will fit comfortably in the back of the station, leaving a pristine display of all of his beautiful gadgets, sleeping soundly as they charge.

Smart Phone Accessories 

Digits Tips

Price: $11.99

Gloves are great. No one would claim otherwise. They keep your fingers warm when it’s cold. They look cool. What more could you ask for?

Well, gloves do have one major flaw. They don’t allow you to use touch screen devices!

Many an iPhone has been lost on a ski lift due to this Achilles’ heal. But no longer!

With Digits Tips conductive glove pins, your old man can attach these tiny pads to the tips of his favorite gloves and change the song on his iPod without losing a finger to frostbite.


Price: $3.00

smartphone accessories - bandits product illustration

While Bandits elastic bands with hooks can be used to organize or hang pretty much anything, they are especially useful as a money clip or card organizer.

All that your main dude has to do is wrap a Bandit around his cell phone, tuck his cards and cash behind, and hook the Bandit together, tethering all pocket items into a confined unit. Genius!

iPad Case

Crossover iPad Mini Case 

Price: $19.98

ipad case - crossover product illustration

iPads are one of the most convenient work or school devices ever invented. They allow you to perform research on the Internet, email colleagues or classmates, connect with peers socially and build your network.

The only downside is that most people don’t work solely on an iPad. People like to take the occasional note by hand with a pen or pencil too. But where is one to store all of these miscellaneous pieces of paper? 

Well, with the Crossover iPad Mini Case, your favorite guy can store all of his extraneous notes and writing tools directly in the back of his iPad! The unique X-shaped design maintains Apple product’s minimalistic appeal, all while adding increased storage space! 

Car Accessories 

Zeus + Thor Snow Bundle 

Price: $39.99

car accessories - zeus ice scraper and shovel product illustration

Your hard working hunk wakes up late for work. He’s tired. He’s rushing. He hasn’t had his coffee yet. He steps outside, ready to begin the day, and finds six inches of snow piled on top of his vehicle. Blast!

Thankfully, unlike your neighbor who is cursing aloud while tearing apart his trunk in an attempt to find a tool to clean off the snow, your man owns the Zeus + Thor Snow bundle, which allows him to easily brush off the snow, scrape away the ice, and shovel the snow from beneath the tires.

The Zeus + Thor is one Valentines gift your personal Hercules will never regret owning.

LED Lighting 

Powershell Light 

Price: $49.99

led powershell light

Is your honey a backyard mechanic, garage tinkerer, or unhinged mad scientist?

Wonderful! Quirky has the perfect Valentines Day gift for him!

The Powershell Light is a convenient, easy to carry lighting system that can be placed anywhere in your garage, shed, or underground laboratory. 

It’s weatherproof, features LED bulbs, and has three AC outlets. Don’t leave your better half in the dark. Let it shine, let it shine! 

Grilling Tools 

Slide and Serve Metal Skewers 

Price: $27.98

grilling tools - metal skewers product illustration

Does your sweetie like to occasionally grill out and toss a couple kabobs on the ol’ charcoal pit?

Well if this sounds like him, then great news, you’re Valentines Day shopping is complete.

With the Slide and Serve Metal Skewers, he can fire up some Mediterranean style meat and veggie kabobs, and easily slide off the food with the cleverly designed food remover. He’ll love it! 

We hope this list helps you zero-in on the perfect Valentines Day gift for your boyfriend or husband this year! Happy Valentines Day!

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