Valentines Gifts for Her [12 Creative Gifts for your Valentine]

January 31, 2017

Valentines Gifts for Her [12 Creative Gifts for your Valentine]

It’s early February. The skies are grey, the days are short, and the wind is cold. It’s peak winter and everybody’s waiting for spring. While this time of the year may not be everyone’s favorite, Valentine’s Day always serves to add a little color and warmth to the season.

What better way to turn an optimistic front and conquer the boredom of days stuck inside than to spend some romantic time with your special someone? Eating a meal with your partner at your favorite restaurant and enjoying each other’s company is just the light you need to make it to March.

While there’s a little preparation required to provide your lovely lady with the Valentine’s Day she deserves, the planning is all part of the fun!

So you’ve made your dinner reservation, you’ve bought a new outfit, and you’ve memorized all of your favorite Shakespearian sonnets to recite beneath the moonlight. The only step left is to find the perfect Valentines gift for her.

To give you a little help narrowing in on that super awesome one-of-a-kind gift you’re hoping to find, we’ve put together a list of 12 creative Valentine’s Day gifts for her that will leave her swooning with joy!

Wine Accessories

Verseur 4-1 Metal Tool

Price: $24.99

Valentine's Gifts For Her - Verseur 4 in 1 Wine Accessory

First up on our list of romantic Valentines gifts for her is the Verseur 4-1 metal wine tool. This tool is a must-have for any vino lover! If your girl loves to sip a nice glass of cabernet and unwind after a hard day’s work, the Verseur 4-1 metal tool is the ultimate accessory to optimize her relaxation. 

Never again will wine be wasted! Never again will pieces of cork crumble into the bottle, tainting all of that precious garnet juice!

With the 4-1 Verseur wine tool, the entire process of removing the foil and cork, pouring the glass, and keeping the remaining supply fresh has never been easier!

This tool includes a foil cutter, corkscrew, and pour spout and stopper attachments. The Verseur 4-1 tool is also available in plastic for $19.99.

Cord Organization

Wrapster Earbud Cord Organizer

Price: $5.99

Valentine's Gifts For Her - Wrapster Cord Organization

The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that for any system, entropy increases over time. In no context is this law more evident than with earbud cords. Left unobserved and without interference, earbud cords will always evolve into a complex web of tangled nonsense, inducing frustration and rage in all who discover their chaotic structure.

But alas, there is finally a means of resisting chaos’ unceasing influence.  With the Wrapster Earbud Cord Organizer, you can wrap your earbud cords vertically, creating order without adding bulk. The Wrapster Organizer is also available in eight different colors!

Cordies Cord Keeper

Price: $12.99

Valentine's Gifts For Her - Cordies Cord Organization

Everyone has that box of miscellaneous cords tucked in the back of their basement or under their TV. It’s the stuff of nightmares really. All of those tangled wires, interwoven and knotted, laughing with disdain as you search for the proper charger to your iPod classic, only to find the newer model iPhone 5 charger!

It’s enough to make one fall to her knees and throw a tantrum at the injustice of it all.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a solution!

With the Cordies Cord Keeper, available in seven colors, you’ll never wage war against cords again! This handy rubber device grips to your desk and provides a stable source of organization for all of your many chargers and other cords.

You’ll love it!


Converge Pop

Price: $39.99

Valentine's Gifts For Her - Converge Electronics

Who hasn’t stood up in the middle of the workday and taken a step away from their desk, only to be snagged by a cord around the ankle. This is not only a tripping hazard but harmful to your electronic devices. You can cause damage to charging ports by yanking out a charger too quickly. 

But with this charging station, you’ll never have to worry about tripping over your devices as they charge! 

The Converge Pop system allows you to tuck all of your cords nicely in the back of the station and charge all of your devices from one location, where they are all properly positioned and displayed. 

Your lovely lady will adore the organization and cleanliness the Converge Pop brings to her life. That’s why we give this Valentines gift for her an A+.


Price: $129.99

Valentine's Gifts For Her - Docking Station

It never hurts to add a little music to your life, and smartphone speakers just don’t cut the mustard. For music to really have its desired effect, you need some depth and some bass, not the thin sounds of a smartphone speaker. 

That’s what makes the Ohm speaker and docking station so revolutionary. Not only will the Ohm station charge a portable speaker and your phone, but when you and your partner head out to the park for a picnic, all you have to is remove the speaker from the docking station and enjoy the sweet sounds of Mozart as you drink wine and eat cheese on the grass.

Upwrite Universal

Price: $11.99

Valentine's Gifts For Her - Upright Stylus

Who wants finger oils smeared all over their touch screen device? No one that’s who!

That’s why the Upwrite Universal stylus and kickstand device is such a vital accessory.

It’s perfect for keeping your phone clean and looking great. Plus, you can prop up your device during conference calls ensuring you don’t accidentally knock it over or end your call.

This is a must-have device for any lady who loves her phone!

Kitchen Supplies

Stem Metal and CitriTwist

Price: $9.99 (for each)

Valentine's Gifts For Her - Fruit Juicer

Valentine's Gifts For Her - Fruit Spritzer 2

If you’re lovely peach of a woman enjoys a cocktail from time to time, then these next two items are the perfect Valentines Day gifts for her! 

The Stem Metal is an ingenious little contraption that allows you stick a spray nozzle directly into a lemon! Never again will you accidentally get juice in your eye cutting a lemon down the middle or pinching a slice over a drink. The Stem Metal makes adding citrus to your drink as easy as saying, “One more barkeep!”

The Stem is also available in plastic for $5.99.

Now if you’re looking for a little more from your lemon than just a spray, the CitriTwist handheld juice press has you covered. This bad boy’s unique design is perfect for getting every last drop of juice from a lime, lemon, or orange!

Making a morning cocktail on your winter getaway will never be easier. What’s a better Valentines Day gift than a hearty mimosa delivered in bed? 

Bake Shapes Pans

Price: $19.99

Valentine's Gifts For Her - Kitchen Supplies Baking Pans

Does your queen love to bake? Has she been known, from time to time, to whip up a delicious batch of cupcakes or muffins? 

Well if your lady enjoys the sweet smells and relaxation that comes with putting something together from scratch, then she’ll love the Bake Shapes Pans! 

This nifty baking set features a collection of silicone tops ideal for adding your favorite toppings into a batch of muffins or cupcakes. Simply apply the pan with batter, add the molds and toppings before baking, and voila!

Garden Supplies 


Price: $19.98      

Valentine's Gifts For Her - Garden Supplies  

There are few activities more peaceful than tending to a garden. That is, until you try to repot a plant and the soil collapses around the roots and you end up with dirt in your socks!

Thankfully with the Rempote collapsible pot you’ll never have to worry about repotting messes ever again.

The Rempote’s innovative design allows it to collapse down around the plant, maintaining the integrity and structure of the soil and making it easy to transfer.

You can also purchase a set of 3 Rempotes for the discounted rate of $44.99.

Beach Accessories 

Shake Tote

Price: $44.99

Valentine's Gifts For Her - Beach Accessories

Does your sweet angel of a woman love the beach? Well if she’s one for lying out in the sun and digging her toes into the sand, then the Shake Tote bag might just be the ideal Valentines gift for her.

This clever bag keeps all your possessions secure while allowing that pesky sand to sift out the bottom. The Shake Tote features a reversible flap that can be snapped onto either side of the bag, concealing or revealing the bottom’s netting at will.

The Shake Tote let’s you keep the sand where it belongs, at the beach!

We hope this list of 12 creative gifts for your Valentine helps you home in on the perfect gift for your perfect lady! 

Also, make sure to use the promo code “HEART20” to get 20% all of the above items.

Stay tuned for a “Valentines Gifts for Him” list coming soon!

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