8 Unique Smartphone Accessories You Need in 2017

August 30, 2017

8 Unique Smartphone Accessories You Need in 2017

In today’s world it seems almost everyone owns a smartphone. As a tool, they’ve become as ubiquitous as a hammer. We use smartphones for email, Internet access, GPS, music, social media, and yes, to make phone calls. Given the important roles smartphones play in our life, it’s no wonder most people take a little time to upgrade their device with smartphone accessories.

While everyone knows about the basics of smartphone accessories, such as a nice case, not everyone knows how deep the world of smartphone accessories truly goes. There are an unlimited number of cool add-ons and extras that will take your smartphone game to the next level.

To help you out-do your friends and take the crown of “Best Smartphone in the Universe,” we’ve put together this awesome list of smartphone accessories you need in 2017.

Quirky Smartphone Accessories 

Wrapster Earbud Cord Organizer 

Is there anything worse than reaching into your backpack or purse for a pair of headphones and pulling out a tangled web of knots? I think not!

Detangling headphones is the worst! The cords are so thin and difficult to grab that it can take a long time for someone to make sense of the mess.

Thankfully, you don’t need to struggle with tangled headphones any longer! With the Wrapster Earbud Cord Organizer, you can wrap your headphones cleanly around the Wrapster’s center and tuck the earbuds into the side panels for easy and organized storage in your bag of choice!

Powercurl Mini Pop Cable Organizer

The single greatest complaint of smartphone users has to be the cheap quality of chargers. It seems like the chargers never last more than six months before the joints of the cord begin to fray and lose connectivity power.

What’s worse is the outrageous prices many companies charge for replacement chargers!

That’s why the Powercurl Cable Organizer is such a great item! With the Powercurl, you can fit your adapter into the center of the device and wrap your charger cord around its circumference, keeping your phone charger organized and free from damage.

This is one must-have smartphone accessory!

Crossover iPhone 6 Case

Everyone knows that a case is a must-have smartphone accessory. Not only will a case add some pizzazz, but cases can also act as a means of storing basic items, such as credit cards, money, business cards, etc.

The Crossover iPhone 6 Case does just this!

Its unique crossover design allows the user to ditch their clunky wallet and keep all of their essentials right in the back of their phone!

Never again will you be stuck fumbling through your purse or wallet for your ID or have to constantly readjust your posture due to a bulky wallet in your back pocket. 

With the Crossover iPhone 6 Case, you’ll have everything you need in one place!

Converge Pop

Most people tend to charge their smartphones on their nightstand while they sleep. While this is convenient and makes complete sense, it’s also an area that lends itself to accidents.

In addition to smartphones, most people also tend to keep a glass of water or other beverage on their nightstand, and water and electronics do not go together!

While docking stations are not waterproof either, they are definitely more resilient and will, at the very least, keep your phone elevated and protected from small amounts of water in the case of a nighttime spill! 

But that’s only one reason you should get the Converge Docking Station

The Converge allows you to charge all of your devices in one place, keeping unsightly cables hidden behind it and displaying all of your devices in a beautiful array. This smartphone accessory will change the way you charge forever!

Cordies Cord Keeper

If you don’t have a Cordies Cord Keeper sitting on your desk right now, you are missing out!

This nifty little object contains rows of separators that allow you unplug your charger or take your earbuds out of your head and neatly align them in an organized fashion so no tangles occur. Also, how many times have you dropped your earbuds onto the floor and had to pick fuzz and floor debris off of them? Who wants that! With the Cordies Cord Keeper you’ll never experience such travails again! 

This ingenious smartphone accessory is also available in four colors to match your personality. Get yours today! 

Digit Tips

Is there anything worse than trying to text with gloves on? It’s impossible!

But what is one to do? Take off your gloves and expose your hands to the freezing cold? That seems like the only option…

Wrong! You just need a sweet pair of Digit Tips!

Digit Tips are mini conductive pins you can attach to any pair of gloves. These pins allow you to text, search, and share on your smartphone just like you could with your bare bone fingertips. 

Don’t let your fingers freeze in winter over a text. Use Digit Tips and get the best of both worlds – smartphone connection and warm paws! 

Upwrite Universal

As any smartphone sophisticate will tell you, a stylus is a required smartphone accessory.

Who wants smeared fingerprints all over the face of their phone? 

If you’re still in need of a stylus for your phone, we’ve got the one for you! The Upwrite Universal is a stylus and kickstand all in one!

In addition to providing all of the benefits of a normal stylus, the Upwrite Universal will save your neck the pain of looking down at your phone, because it clips onto your phone, keeping it standing up right!

This is ideal for watching videos or movies, or reading long articles. Save your neck with the Upwrite Universal!


Last but not least, we have the Ohm Bluetooth Speaker and Charging Dock.

This device will both amplify your music via Bluetooth wireless connection and charge your Qi-compatible mobile device!

This is the perfect speaker for sitting outside around a fire or having drinks under the sky with friends!

It’s available in both white and black.


We hope this list of unique smartphone accessories helps you boost your smartphone game and enjoy everything your device has to offer!

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