7 Unique Kitchen Gifts that Will Totally Blow Your Mind!

March 01, 2017

7 Unique Kitchen Gifts that Will Totally Blow Your Mind!

Everybody loves to cook. Well, not everyone, but everyone loves to eat! And you can’t prepare a nice meal without a well-organized and clean kitchen. Otherwise you’d find yourself rummaging through cabinets, searching for pot lid, leaving a path of disturbance in your wake, all while your pasta on the stove degrades into a mushy mess.

A clean and well-organized kitchen will keep you, or whatever loved one is kind enough to prepare your meal, from becoming distracted. So how does one go about keeping their kitchen finely tuned and arranged?

Well, that is easier said than done. But thankfully, the genius inventors in our Quirky community have created some groundbreaking kitchen gifts that will help your kitchen remain the ideal canvas for your culinary creations.

Kitchen Gifts for Cooks and Cleaners

Pluck Egg Separator

Price: $12.99

Diet books and nutritionists have been telling us for years that we should stick to egg whites and ditch the high caloric yolks. But as anyone who’s ever tried to fish a piece of egg shell out from a bowl of cracked eggs can attest, egg yolks are a difficult substance to manipulate.

But with the Pluck Egg Separator, all of your egg-based nightmares are laid to rest. The Pluck egg yolk separator is the easiest way to isolate and remove those pesky yellow yolks. 

All you have to do is squeeze and release the flexible silicone chamber to extract the yellows from the whites. It’s a breeze! Plus the entire device dissembles for easy washing!


Price: $9.99

How many times have you attempted to scoop some jam out of the jar onto a slice of bread only to create a gelatinous avalanche and overload your bread, throwing out of whack your peanut butter to jelly ratio?

It’s crazy! How many sandwiches must be lost? Well, good news! The solution is here! The Scoop measuring spoon and spreading knife is the kitchen gift you’ve been waiting for. 

This tricky little device is a measuring spoon that allows you to scoop the exact amount you need, before transforming into a spreading knife so you can create that perfectly layered sandwich of your dreams!

Vine Bottle Stand

Price: $1.00

Wine bottles are a wonderful thing to stockpile. Many wines get better with age, and who knows when you’ll be ready to crack that $100 Bordeaux your grandma got you for your wedding?

But storing wine is easier said than done.

Unless you have a pre-built cabinet or cellar in your house (which many people don’t) you’re left to your own devices. Hopefully, one of your devices is the Vine Bottle Stand. 

This awesome tool slips around the neck of any bottle, allowing you to store it on its side or in the fridge without it rolling around and falling out of the cupboard. You’re wine will be safe and sound as it ages with the Vine Bottle Stand. 

Tether Stemware Saver

Price: $12.99

Automatic dishwashers, dish racks, and clumsy hand dryers are all enemies of delicate stemware.

While fine stemware can be beautiful and a joy to drink from, they are not designed for strength. Stemware breaks very easily.

That’s why the Tether Stemware Saver is such a huge innovation. The Tether device is a flexible rod that secures your delicate stemware in the dishwasher or dish rack.

Silo (Small and Medium)

Price: starting at $10.99

Keeping your grains, cereals, or nuts in their original packaging will lead to stale food. Cardboard and plastic simply doesn’t cut the mustard. And who wants to eat gross stale food?

With the Silo measuring food storage container, all of your favorite ingredients will remain perfectly fresh. Plus, the Silo positions pre-measured pores for easy eating!

The small Silo pours 1 tsp. and holds 12 oz., while the medium pours ½ cup and holds 1.5 qt.

Groove Multi-Head Scrubber + Extra Heads

Price: $19.99

Just as the last thing you do before leaving a kitchen is clean, the last item on Quirky’s innovative kitchen gifts list is a cleaning tool.

Now don’t go running for the hills quite yet. This is no ordinary cleaning device. The Groove Multi-Head Scrubber is a one of a kind tool that will make cleaning, dare we say it, fun!

Groove’s easy-to-hold handle comes with three interchangeable heads for every type of surface. Whether you need a sponge, stone head with scouring pad, or a bristle brush, this tool can adapt to your needs, keeping your kitchen counters and utensils sparkling clean!

To check out Quirky’s full suite of kitchen gifts and tools, follow us this way!

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