Ten Quirky products you never knew you needed

July 18, 2016 1 Comment

Ten Quirky products you never knew you needed

“Oh, wow – why didn’t I think of that???”

Consider yourself warned – you’ll be asking this question in your head a bunch of times as you read about the ten awesome and innovative products below.  We’ve highlighted ten of the coolest, cleverest and most convenient inventions for sale on shop.quirky.com that will undoubtedly change your life in some way.  We bet you’ll want one of each!   

1)     Kosoku Dog Leash - $39.99

retractable dog leash with poop bags - $39.99

According to Statista, there were 77.8 Million dogs living in American households in 2015.  WOW – that’s a lot of pups that need to be walked – and even more dog poop!  We know you love your dog a ton – maybe even more than some people you know.  But we’d bet there are not many out there who love picking up dog dookey.  If you own a pooch that you take for walks around a park or your neighborhood, chances are you’ve been caught without a proper poo bag at least once.  Never a good time.

The Kosoku Dog Leash will save you forevermore from this predicament, and is the heavyweight champion of dog leashes.  Fully featured with a discrete compartment for poop bags, comfortable but sturdy air mesh hand loop, reflective, retractable leash and sturdy metal collar latch, this leash alone will provide a much more enjoyable and convenient walk for you and your pup.    

2)     Mocubo cutting board - $39.99

multi-purpose cutting board - $39.99

Anyone who loves to cook and use fresh ingredients in the kitchen is going to squeal for joy upon discovering this insanely clever and useful cutting board.  The board itself, made of oil-treated bamboo, sits atop three hidden plastic prep drawers.  So, your food prep will go like this: chop your onion, pull out the first drawer and slide in the pieces.  If you fill up all three trays with chopped food, stack them neatly in the refrigerator until you’re ready to use your ingredients.

That’s it – the Mocubo cutting board is a one-stop-chop-shop!  No more dirtying odd sized-bowls or spilling your chopped food all over the floor as you transfer it from the board to the pan.    

3)     Iso Smart Light & Exhaust Fan - $129.99

Light and exhaust fan by Quirky - $129.99

This helpful bathroom feature combines functionality, convenience and money-saving into one smart product that you never knew you needed.  This bathroom light and fan combo is humidity activated, so the exhaust fan will kick on as you’re showering to dissipate that stubborn shower steam and will turn off once the mist has gone.

The Iso Smart Light and Exhaust Fan is easy to install in any bathroom, will provide you with a more enjoyable shower (no more foggy mirror!), and will save you money.  You won’t ever again leave your bathroom fan running over night, running uselessly after all the steam is long gone and racking up your electric bill.  Iso has your shower routine covered!       

4)     Ohm Wireless Speaker and Charging Dock - $129.99

Wireless speaker and charging doc for mobile devices - $129.99

If you LOVE playing music from your smart phone, but hate how streaming drains your battery, you’re going to need the Ohm Wireless Speaker in your life.  This compact and sleek wireless speaker doubles as a docking station so you can charge your phone and speaker while you jam out.  If your heading out, your speaker is ready to go, just pop it on the dock to charge when you return.

No wires, no plugs – just tons of music and convenient charging!   

5)     Pickup Power + 6000 mAh Battery - $129.99

power strip with portable battery - $129.99

This ultra-smart gadget is a must-have in our hi-tech world of constant charging and electricity usage.  Most of us probably panic when we realize we’ve forgotten a phone charger on a long trip or have purchased a new one every time we’ve needed one in a pinch.  

The Pickup Power is a desktop power strip with three Ac outlets AND a portable battery pack that you can pop out of the strip itself and take with you when time is tight.  And that little pack is strong.  Packing a punch of 6000 mAh, it’s strong enough to charge two smart phones at full capacity and charges three times faster than a traditional outlet and charging cord.    

6)     Keeper iPhone 5s case - $36.99

iPhone 5s phone case - $36.99

There may not be a more convenient iPhone case out there for the person who is always on the go.  Finally, you’ve found the perfect combination of phone case and wallet in the Keeper!

The back side of this handy dandy sturdy phone case, doubles as a wallet to store money, credit cards, license and a few more tiny must-have essentials.  Don’t want to bring a heavy purse on your next adventure or don’t feel like cramming your full wallet and phone in your pockets before you hit the town?  The Keeper has combined a solid phone case and a functional wallet into one small, convenient package with style and ease.     

7)     Switch Pocket Tool - $79.98

multi purpose customizable pocket knife - $79.98

This super versatile tool isn’t your grandpa’s pocket knife.  It’s so much more!  This little tiny pocket-sized toolbox comes with 12 interchangeable attachments that perform 16 different functions and tasks, including a Philips Head screwdriver, scissors, wood saw, pen, tweezers and much more.  The best part – you can customize which attachments you want to keep in your Switch, anytime, anywhere.  You can store the other unused pieces in the sturdy case that comes with your Pocket Tool to use later.  This clever product is one that you’ll always want to have on hand to tackle anything life throws your way.   

8)     Verseur 4-1 Wine Tool - $24.98

4-in-1 Wine multi-use tool - $24.98

This unassuming wine bottle opener will quickly become every wino’s best friend.  At first glance, it appears to be just any old cork screw, but just watch in awe as this little genius of a tool reveals secret pieces that will help you open, serve and save your wine, all in one.  The cap at the wide end of the opener pops out and serves as a foil cutter, so you don’t need to peel off piece by piece before digging in with your cork screw.  Once you’ve popped out the cork, the one end of the T-shaped handle pops out and doubles as a pourer so you can easily serve every last drop.  And last but not least, in the event that you may not be able to finish that delicious bottle of vino, the other end of the handle pops out and functions as a rubber stop, saving your wine and keeping it super fresh for round two later on.

What a wonderful wine widget!

9)     Plug Hub Cord Manager - $26.98

Quirky power strip cord organizer - $26.98

We’ve all got it – that one spot in our home where a seemingly endless number of cords, power strips and surge protectors are all plugged into and tangled within each other.  What a mess and what a pain to try to figure out where one cord ends and the other begins – and which cord or outlet powers what!  The Plug Hub may be the answers to our twisted cord conundrum.  This simple box not only wraps up and organizes each cord discreetly and hides any coils or extra cord, but also makes it much easier to decipher which cord leads to which electronic.  To take things up a notch, the whole box can be mounted on a wall to completely conceal that under-the-desk mess.  What a huge win for the office space!

10)  Zeus Snow Shovel & Brush - $24.98

snow shovel and brush by Quirky - $24.98

Sure, there are some parts of the States where folks have never shoveled a single snowflake in their lives.  But if you live in the Northeastern parts of the country, you’ve probably spent many winter days shoveling, digging and scraping your car free from snow, ice, frost and slush.  Between the shovels, scrapers, brushes and brooms in your trunk, you probably have room for little else.  

Your wintertime struggle just got a bit easier with the Zeus Snow Shovel and Brush!  Fully assembled, the product functions as a sturdy snow shovel.  Detach the handle and it doubles as a snow brush and scraper.  Reconnect once more, slide the snow brush head forward to make the shovel more compact to easily store it under your car seat.  One last unique feature:  the end of the shovel handle/snowbrush/ice scraper is reflective and can be used in an emergency situation.  You won’t want to go anywhere in the winter weather without this trusty tool in tow.

These awesome products are only ten of the many unique purchases available on Quirky that will simplify and improve your day to day life.  Whether you’re searching for the next best kitchen tool, a sleek and smart charging station or organizational solutions, there’s a special treasure for everyone waiting on shop.quirky.com!

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