Essential Spring-Cleaning Hacks to Spruce Up Your Home

March 28, 2017

Essential Spring-Cleaning Hacks to Spruce Up Your Home

The snow has melted and the rain has begun. It’s only a matter of time before the sun starts shining and the flowers bloom. Finally, spring is here! And it couldn’t have come quick enough.

There’s not much better than going for a stroll on the first sunny day of the season, taking in the breeze and basking in the knowledge that the cold is gone and summer is on it’s way.

The only downside of a new spring is that it usually entails a few weekends of the dreaded spring-cleaning. Ugh!

Who wants to spend the first nice days of spring inside scrubbing away the winter grime and rearranging all of the random boxes and objects that you flippantly cast into the basement all winter?

Who wants to make trip after trip to the shed, swapping out the snow blower for the lawn mower, and removing and folding all your patio furniture’s tarp coverings?

No one that’s who! Spring-cleaning is the worst! The pits! A total bummer!

And then there’s the garage! That awful garage! Full of spilled ice salt and unorganized winter tools – shovels strewn about, leaning against the windows, boots stacked high in a pile, and ski equipment in disarray.

Thankfully there is a silver lining to this unfortunate annual process. There are tools to help you. You’re not alone.

The wise inventors here at Quirky, with all of their sagely wisdom and foresight, have developed many means of assisting you in your post-freeze cleanup. They have crafted devices to solve all of your disorganization woes. And the best news is all of these products are currently 25% off!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the spring-cleaning inventions offered at Quirky.

Spring-Cleaning: Bathroom and Kitchen

After a long winter of tracking in wet boots and mud, your tile grout will surely need a healthy scrubbing. This can be a total pain in the neck without the right tools. That’s why you’re going to need the Groove Multi-Head Scrubber Brush.

This nifty tool is a 3 in 1 lifesaver that includes a stone head with a scouring pad and a bristle brush. Simply use the bristle head to rake up debris and then use the pad to soak up what’s left. Simple as pie!

This super cool spring-cleaning tool can be used to clean virtually anything. It’s especially useful at cleaning dust from glasses that have been sitting on your bar cart all season, or cleaning out cans before recycling.

This amazing brush will also replace that old cruddy sponge in your sink and become the only dish-cleaning tool you’ll ever use again.

With the Groove Multi-Head Scrubber Brush, you’ll be hard up finding anything in your bathroom or kitchen that can’t be cleaned with one of the 3 brush heads.

Spring-Cleaning: Bedrooms and Living Room

The cold weather keeps many people cooped up inside without much to do other than watch TV or use a computer. While these devices are amazing sources of distraction from the winter blues, they can also create quite a mess with their long and cumbersome cords cluttering up your bedroom and living room. 

Aside from their unsightly appearance, cords can also be tripping hazards and nests for catching dust bunnies. That’s exactly why you’re going to need to dip your toes into Quirky’s vast array of cord organizers and cable organizers.

For all of the heavy-duty cords that dangle and collect beneath your office desk and television there’s only one tool to serve you best, the Plug Hub Cord Manager. This groundbreaking device allows you to congregate all of your loose cords into one highly organized unit. The Plug Hub will funnel all of yours down to your power strip and keep them from tangling with each other.

The Plug Hub Cord Organizer also features rubber “feet” that keep the item from sliding around. This cable organizer is a must-have for any spring cleaner. 

For your smaller cords, computer chargers, and headphones, you’re going to need the Powercurl V2 and the Cordies Cord Organizer. The Powercurl is ideal for consolidating your long computer charger into a succinct unit that packs up easy and eradicates the unwieldy mess that a long computer charger can bring.

The Cordies Cord Organizer, on the other hand, is great for smaller cords and headphones that clutter up a desk or table. This great tool includes five stacking rubber grips with four slots to align and maintain all of your cords, avoiding pesky knots and unwanted tangling.

When it comes to spring-cleaning, Quirky has so many tools to offer and alleviate the headaches of organizing for summer. For more information, check out our entire Spring-Cleaning collection. Make sure to enter the promo code: SPRINGCLEANING at checkout to save 25% on all items.

Happy scrubbing!

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