Quirky’s Top Products For The 2016 Holiday

November 22, 2016 3 Comments

Quirky’s Top Products For The 2016 Holiday

What’s better than clever, multi-purpose products made for you by people like you? Well, we also love a great deal and affordable prices! We bet you’ll want to pick up at least a couple of the super smart products listed below during this season’s holiday shopping.

1. Upwrite stylus and stand - $11.99

Upright Styles and Kickstand - Top Black Friday Products

If you’re looking for a sleek, multi-tasking device for yourself, family or friends, then the Upwrite Stylus and Stand should definitely have a place on your Holiday list.

At first glance, this polished zinc stylus appears like any other with a conductive tip for universal use on any touchscreen device, but its other end doubles as a grip stand for easy viewing on any device, anywhere. And it even triples as a key chain lock, keeping your noisy keys in place and always just within reach when you need it. 

For less than $15 this handy-dandy tech tool makes the perfect stocking stuffer for everyone on your Holiday list.  

2. Zeus + Thor snow bundle - $39.99

Ice Scraper & Shovel Combo - Top Black Friday Products

Snowstorms, frost and slush are just around the corner for many of us in the United States as we head into late November. There’s no avoiding Old Man Winter, but you can lessen your wintertime struggle - and the junk in your car’s trunk - with the power-packed Zeus + Thor snow bundle. 

First and foremost, the Zeus Snow Shovel and Brush functions as a sturdy snow shovel. Detach the handle to use it as a snowbrush and scraper. Reconnect the two pieces, slide the snowbrush head forward to compact the shovel and easily store it under your car seat or in your trunk.

One more unique feature: the end of the product is reflective and can be used in an emergency situation to flag down help. For those icy mornings when there are several layers of frost on your windshield, you want an ice scraper that can get the job done fast and easy. The Thor Expandable, Double-Blade Ice Scraper is just the one you need, with a telescoping arm to reach clear across your car, a handle to grip for more leverage and less arm strain and, most importantly, two blades to crush through those layers of ice. 

You can count on this snowy weather bundle to serve as your go-to gadgets when snowy weather hits.   

3. DigitsTips - $11.99

Touchscreen Gloves - Top Black Friday Products

Cold and blustery weather doesn’t stop most of us from using our Smartphones. Digit Tips conductive glove pins save your fingers from the bitter cold and let you use your touchscreen device as you would barehanded. The silicone and metal pins easily snap onto the forefinger and thumb of ANY size or style of gloves that you already own. 

Don’t buy a special pair of expensive and boring black or grey touch screen gloves that might not fit your fingertips exactly and won’t work properly. Instead, rely on the convenient Digit Tips to communicate via your Smartphone on those chilly days and stay true to your Fall fashion style. 

Another great stocking stuffer for those on your shopping list!  

4. Tether - $12.99 for set of 4

wine glass stabilizer - Top Black Friday Products

It’s mid-November which means Thanksgiving is just around the corner - and there’s no better time to make a toast to the Holidays with a glass of your favorite wine or bubbly. 

Clean up and protect your beloved wine and cocktail glasses with Tether Stemware Stabilizers. The hollow end of each of these bendable rods slips right over a dishwasher post and the claw end clips to the stem of any wine, martini or champagne glass to keep your stemware sturdy and in place during the wash cycle. 

So, pick up a Tether set, pop those glasses safely in your dishwasher and get back to celebrating!

5. Powercurl v1 and Powercurl v2 - $12.99 each 

Cord Organizer- Top Black Friday Products

Both versions of these simple yet effective cord spools keep cords and plugs tidy for all chargers and adapters in the Apple MacBook family.

To use, pop the power brick into the center cutout, wrap the cord around the spool and secure the end. And as an added feature on the Powercurl v2, fold the silicone lip up over the wrapped cord to secure and hide the loops - super sleek, super convenient.

Instead of fussing with a ball of tangled cords, plugs and batteries every time you finish or start working on your Mac, simply toss the Powercurl in your bag - cord and all - and you’re good to go!    

6. Powercurl mini pop - $4.99

phone charger cord organizer - Top Black Friday Products

A petite version of the Powercurl v1 and v2 mentioned above, this compact cord coil stores and conceals chargers and adapters for any iPhones and serves as the perfect accessory for any iPhone user. 

Simply pop the charging block into the center of the Powercurl, wind the extra cord around the spool and flip up the silicone lip to cover the wound cord and keep it in place. The Powercurl takes charging your smartphone to a whole new and tidy level!

7. Cordies Executive - $26.98

desktop organizer - Top Black Friday Products

Whether you want one of these sleek and affordable organizers for your own desk or to spread the love and give one to everyone you know, the uses for the Cordies Executive Desktop Cord Keeper are limitless in any setting.

Of course, keeping your cords, chargers, ear buds, adapters and powerstrips organized and at the ready is easy with Cordies, but you can also fill up its weighted base and spaces with Post-it pads, pens and pencils, your smartphone, tablet, notebooks, business cards, and so much more.  

8. Bandits - $3 for 5 pack

Top Black Friday Products

These sturdy and strong elastic loops with hooks in many colors make it super simple to hang, fasten, and group together more items than we can name, making Bandits a super versatile tool for any home or space. 

They will definitely come in handy especially during the Holidays! To hang your favorite Fall wreath on your front door, loop the elastic band around your door knocker, secure the loop through the hook and hang your wreath on the hook itself. Couldn’t be easier, and the more you utilize your reusable Bandits, the more uses you’ll discover.

9. Wrapster - $5.99

headphone cord organizer - Top Black Friday Products

Never get your ear buds tangled again with the Wrapster ear bud cord organizer. Available in eight funky and fresh colors, you can listen to your tunes in style and neatly wrap up your buds when you’re done.

Tuck each ear bud cord under the lips of the Wrapster and let it hang when in use; when finished, unplug your ear buds, coil the cords around the Wrapster and secure the plug at the end.  

10. Stem spritzer - metal & plastic - $9.99 and $4.99

Fruit Spritzer - Top Black Friday Products

Ever wanted a little spritz of citrus juice on a salad, avocado, or adult beverage, but didn’t want to waste a whole lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit just for a couple drops of juice? With the Stem Citrus Spritzer, adding a hint of citrus to any food or drink couldn’t be easier.

Simply insert the tiny bladed end of the spritzer into the center of a piece of citrus fruit and pump the nozzle at the top - and spritz away!  

11. Crossover iPhone 6 - $7.99 (each side)

iPhone 6 Organizer Case - Top Black Friday Products

Two silicone straps crisscross over each other to create the Crossover, an X-shaped case that not only protects and reinforces your precious phone from every angle, but also provides a super-convenient pocket to tightly hold credit cards, ID, money, business cards and more, so you can leave your bulky wallet or purse at home.

With the numerous color options available, you’re bound to find a combo for everyone, including yourself!  

12. Align stapler and scissor bundle - $17.98

Staple and Scissor Set- Top Black Friday Products

This functional duo is the ideal addition to any work or home office, crafting room or gift-wrap station - just in time for wrapping Christmas and Chanukah gifts and goodies.

The Align stapler is a step above other models, with a compact, square design and magnetic, detachable base to staple anywhere on the page you like. No longer will you be limited by the length of your stapler, and when you’re finished with it, stick it to a metal file cabinet or whiteboard.

The Sheath scissors don’t appear to be special, but tuck one blade up into a hidden groove in the handle and you have a craft blade to score paper, open tape on packages and safely curl ribbons.

13. Pluck Egg Separator - $12.99 

Egg Yoke Separater - Top Black Friday Products

And for all those recipes that call for only egg whites or just a couple yolks, the Pluck Egg Separator is your secret weapon. Crack an egg, squeeze the Pluck’s baster-style knob, hold the tube on the yolk, release your squeeze and the yolk is sucked into the Pluck. 

Squeeze it again to release into a separate bowl. No muss, no fuss. Making fresh and tasty egg white omelets couldn’t be easier! 

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Sheila Smiley
Sheila Smiley

March 15, 2017

I’m looking for a lunch bag with a lock on it. I work in a hospital where we have to share the refrigerator. We have staff members who looking everybody lunch and sometimes eat it.


February 04, 2017

What about 5 or 6 for android ?

Review master
Review master

December 22, 2016

Rem’pote Planter would be a nice add-on to this list, It’s just perfect for people who like having plans on their Office Desks.

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