Human Inventions and Structures Stolen from Aliens… Maybe

November 08, 2017

Human Inventions and Structures Stolen from Aliens… Maybe

Have you ever seen an invention and thought, “How in the world did they come up with that?”

You’re not alone.

There have been many inventions throughout history that have seemed so crazy and unexplainable that there is only one valid response; aliens must have made them.

That’s right. Extraterrestrials, aliens, little green men, the greys… Whatever you want to call them, some say they are responsible for quite a few of the crazy inventions we’ve seen in the world – at least that’s what conspiracy theorists claim.

We’ll leave the decision about what to believe up to you.

For now, we’ve collected some of the wackiest, most advanced, and incredible inventions that may or may not have been made by something “other.”

Egyptian Carvings

alien invention

Photo: Public Domain/ via Wikipedia

Now, you might not think of carvings as an invention, but think of them instead as one of the very first books—a wonderful invention if we say so ourselves.

Now, how could carvings belong to aliens? How could they not?

According to UFO enthusiasts, the carvings in the Temple of Osiris reveal modern technology, which would be impossible without alien intervention. How would an ancient Egyptian know to draw a helicopter or airplane?

Greek Fire

In ancient Greek texts, there’s a reference to “Greek Fire,” which sounds similar to modern day napalm.

Around the 7th century, this fire was shot from ships where it would then cling to flesh and not extinguish with water (remember the Battle of Black Water in Game of Thrones?). This “Greek Fire was used constantly throughout the Byzantine Empire, but then the invention disappeared.

Aliens? Could be!

Antikythera Mechanism

alien invention

Photo: electropod/flickr/CC-BY-NC 2.0

Sometime around 205 BCE, a clock-like instrument or “mechanism” was created by aliens, only to be lost and rediscovered in 1900 near Antikythera, Greece; or so the story goes.

The problem is that the Antikythera Mechanism is incredibly advanced. It was used aboard ships as a navigation tool by predicting the locations of the sun, moon, and five known planets. It was about 1300 years ahead of its time, leading many to speculate on possible alien origins.

Damascus Steel

What if there was an invention developed back during the Crusades that we still couldn’t re-make today?

Wouldn’t aliens be the only logical explanation? That’s what some people think when it comes to Damascus Steel.

These swords were wielded by Islamic warriors and could slice through a floating handkerchief, bend 90 degrees and flex back with no damage. Unfortunately, the recipe for this fabulous steel is still a mystery.

Saqqara Bird

alien invention

Photo via Techland Time

Uncovered in 1898 during a tomb excavation in Egypt, the Saqqara Bird is just one more example of the supposed close ties that ancient Egypt had with alien life.

The bird is said to be “clear” evidence that Egypt already understood advanced flight. The vertical tail of the bird represents the tail of a jet, and the lack of legs would give the bird aerodynamic lift. Unfortunately, the aliens weren’t incredibly accurate in their description of modern technology since recreations of the bird have not resulted in any results similar to modern flight.

Voynich Manuscript

alien invention

Photo: Public Domain/via Wikimedia

While a manuscript might not fit the technical definition of an invention in normal circumstances, the Voynich Manuscript is anything by normal.

In fact, it’s absolutely insane!

Researchers state that the language is completely indecipherable and the images are just as crazy. There are “a myriad of drawings of miniature female nudes, most with swelled abdomens, immersed or wading in fluids and oddly interacting with interconnecting tubes and capsules.”

The Manuscript was created by someone in the 15th century in Central Europe, but nothing is known beyond that.

Aliens? Maybe.


alien invention

This might be a location, but it’s also an invention, even if we have no idea what its purpose is.

The stones date back to before 2400 BC, and no one knows what it’s for. Humans have long debated its purpose and how these large stones could have been erected with just primitive tools. According to ancient astronaut theorists, the stones predict eclipses, but how is that possible unless the aliens helped them figure it out?

We’ll never know.

Zhang Heng’s Seismoscope

alien invention

Photo: Kowloonese/ via Wikimedia

Could someone in 132 AD predict an earthquake?

It’s possible with Zhang Heng’s Sesmoscope. It’s considered the world’s earliest earthquake-detecting tool, but it looks nothing like what we use today. 

Instead it’s an ornate, golden, dragon and toad festooned device, but apparently, it worked. The instrument was said to have detected a four-hundred-mile distant earthquake by having one of the dragon—each representing a principle direction of the compass—spit a ball into a toad’s mouth.

The exact science behind how this worked is still a mystery.

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