Your Guidebook to Navigating Quirky’s Community Forum

August 24, 2016

Your Guidebook to Navigating Quirky’s Community Forum

At Quirky, we believe that there are tons of benefits to participating in group discussions about great ideas, inventions, concerns and dreams.  The value of hearing different perspectives about an invention of yours can significantly improve your chances of achieving success in the world of innovation as you learn to anticipate other opinions and adapt your work accordingly to make it better.

Playing devil’s advocate in a respectful manner can be beneficial for both parties involved if done constructively.  The goal of Quirky’s Community Forum is not for members to bash each other’s ideas or prove that theirs is the best of the bunch; but for users to post thought-provoking topics as they look for help from fellow inventors, reply to posts where their individual knowledge can help another stuck in an innovative pickle and, ultimately, help others while learning something themselves or getting inspired.

Everyone wins using our unique Community Forum for inventors, and we’re giving you the 411 on what you need to know about navigating the platform before you get started.

Sign Up & Log In

Quirky Community Forum Page - Create New Account

First things first – in order to access the wealth of information, ideas and advice on the Forum you’ll have to create an account and use the username and password every time you sign in.  It takes less than a minute to sign up and it’s 1 minute that’s definitely worth the endless nuggets of knowledge you’ll find once inside the forum.  When you sign up, you’ll have the opportunity to sign up for emails, newsletters and notifications telling you when there’s activity on the forum.

Spend Some Time Scrolling 

Quirky Forum Homepage

It will be very tempting to immediately post that question you’ve been itching to ask other inventors as soon as you enter the forum.  However, we recommend that you take some time to first read through the existing threads, or topics being discussed by various users, to learn what type of content is posted and how people respond to existing posts.  Doing this little bit of research will help you to become a more productive contributing member of Quirky’s Community Forum and will also help you to become more quickly acquainted with the system and utilize it to your advantage.

As a secondary benefit, browsing or searching the site’s existing posts will identify whether any users have already posted questions or topics similar to a subject you were hoping to bridge to get feedback on yourself.

Learn the Categories 

Paying attention to the forum’s category system can ensure that you’re engaged in the right conversations and discussions.  While on the Quirky forum, you’ll find the below categories:

  • Q-News & Announcements – anything related to updates from Quirky pertaining to company-wide news that users would want to know.
  • The Machine – this category features a sub-category titled “Site Feedback,” where questions or concerns can be posted by users and administrators about the functionality of “the machine,” or the forum, and where any technical issues can be addressed.   
  • Invention Discussion – With two sub categories – “Quirky Invention Process” and “Products,” this category is one of the most popular on the forum and will prove to be very helpful to any Quirky newcomers who have questions about the unique Quirky invention process.  And is especially helpful for those looking for direct feedback on their invention ideas.   
  • The Biz – Included in this category are the “What’s Happening” and “Speak your Mind” subcategories.  In this category, members brainstorm about how to spread the word about Quirky’s unique role in the invention industry.
  • Open Discussion – This is the anything goes category, so post questions here that don’t fit into the other categories, or maybe don’t even pertain to inventing at all.  There’s also an “Uncategorized” category with similar “everything and the kitchen sink” content.  

Post Tools 

Besides commenting on or replying to an existing post, there are other actions you can take, similar to how you show feedback on many social media sites.  You can like the post by clicking the heart icon at the bottom right corner of the post which adds it to your favorites, you can share the post by clicking the link icon and can bookmark the post for later.       


To get your posting and forum skills up to par, the site offers badges that new users can earn when they add more information to their profiles or take actions on the forum, like editing their first post, flagging their first post, first link added to the post, etc. If users work towards achieving all the badges, they’re sure to become an expert and active forum member! Plus, getting those little rewards is just a small bit of motivation that can go a long way and motivate users to do more on the forum each and every day and help others.   

Setting Your Profile Preferences

This customization is one of the best features of the forum, where you can specify exactly what kind of notifications you’d like to receive pertaining to activity on your posts or on posts you’ve commented on. To access this page, click on your profile photo in the upper right corner of your screen. Then click your username in the box that appears. Lastly, click “Preferences” on the far right of your profile menu page. As just a few examples of the customization available, you can opt to watch certain categories and be notified when new posts are published, set how frequently you receive activity summary emails, and suppress notifications from certain unsavory users. In other words, you can tweak your profile to function exactly as you need it to, to advance your journey as an inventor.

Benefits of utilizing the forum - the Quirky Community Forum is one of the best online resources for connecting with other like-minded inventors and garnishing feedback and support your idea, as well as new perspectives that might change how you approach an aspect of your creation that could use improving, like the name, directions, color, design or functionality.

And if you haven’t noticed yet, using the forum is FREE!  So if you’re serious about hitting the big time with an idea or invention, it only makes sense to check out the Quirky Community Forum – even if you aren’t completely familiar with Quirky’s main site – to learn how this innovative company, and a passionate and dedicated community of fellow inventors could be the missing piece you’ve been looking for to take your genius creation to the next level.     

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