5 Super Nifty Gardening Tips that Will Blow Your Mind

April 25, 2017

5 Super Nifty Gardening Tips that Will Blow Your Mind

As the adage goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” Luckily, this April has brought plenty of rain, so it will soon be time for gardeners to hit the beds, plant their seeds, and get ready for months of trimming and pruning beneath the summer sun. 

Many people find gardening to be a peaceful activity full of quiet rumination and enjoyable repetition that results in a finished product both beautiful and delicious to eat. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with an inherent green thumb. Gardening can be difficult, especially if someone in the know hasn’t taught you the skills.

To cultivate a successful garden requires overcoming numerous obstacles from insects to weather to soil health. Any gardening wizard will tell you that you never master the art of cultivation, but continually learn new things and develop over time. If you’re new to gardening, you can look forward to learning many new things and constantly evolving and honing your green thumb magic.

To help you take your gardening game to the next level, we’ve put together 5 of our favorite gardening tips. These tips cover some of the more minute details of gardening. So, before you dive in, make sure you’re familiar with the basics of choosing good soil, drainage, location (water and sunlight), trimming, and pruning.

Gardening Tips: 5 Tricks to Boost Your Green Thumb

1. Vegetable Soup

Growing healthy and firm vegetables can be difficult. While certain vegetables such as peppers and tomatoes present less challenges, other vegetables are harder to produce satisfactory yields.

A great trick to increase the health of your burgeoning vegetable patch involves what’s called “vegetable soup.”

When you boil or steam vegetables, collect the water used afterwards, instead of pouring it down the drain. Use this post-boiled vegetable soup to water your growing veggies. This will drastically improve the overall well-being of your developing greens.

2. Stick-Free Shovel

As anyone who’s had to dig through moist soil can attest, having soil or dirt stick to your shovel is a pain in the membrane. If you have to dig up or transfer large quantities of soil, dealing with soil that constantly sticks to your shovel results in a much slower more annoying process. 

Thankfully there is an easy gardening trick to remedy this issue. Simply open up your kitchen cupboard and fetch your preferred brand of non-stick silicone spray (such as Pam cooking spray) and coat your shovel in a thick layer. This will leave your shovel slippery and decrease the amount of clumpy soil and debris that gums up your shoveling works.

3. Repotting with Rem'pote Tool

Repotting plants presents unique challenges. It’s way to easy for the shape of a potted plant’s soil and roots to collapse and crumble when repotting. This collapse negatively affects the structural integrity and future growth of the plant being repotted.

Thankfully the creative thinkers here at Quirky have invented the perfect solution to repotting plants, called the Rem'pote

The Rem'pote collapsible pot makes transferring plants to beds or larger pots easier than ever before! 

To enjoy the Rem'pote’s benefits, simply plant your seedling in the Rem'pote container, just like any other pot, and allow it grow to full capacity. Once your potted plant outgrows the Rem'pote, slide down the outer shell and collapse the inner pot. You are then left with your potted plant, exposed and in perfect form. Lastly, lift the exposed plant and re-pot in your desired location. 

The collapsible pot avoids the potentially harmful step of having to dig or maneuver the potted plant out of the outgrown container, which often results in degradation of the soil shape and roots.

You can purchase the Rem'pote in packs of one or three.

4. Drying Herbs Made Easy 

Drying herbs is an essential part of homegrown spice cultivation. While the process of drying herbs can be cumbersome and difficult, there is a cheap gardening trick that makes it easier than tying your shoes. All you need is a newspaper and a car.

Step One: Lay down a piece of newspaper in the backseat of your automobile.

Step Two: Spread out your herbs atop the newspaper in a thin layer without overlapping the herbs too much.

Step Three: Close all doors and windows, preventing heat from escaping. Let your herbs bake away in your warmed-up vehicle. 

5. Boost Your Soil’s Acidity

While this tip is a well-known gardening tip that’s been used by home growers for centuries, it’s such a useful piece of information that we felt compelled to reiterate it in this article. 

Maintaining proper soil pH is an essential component of keeping your gardening beds healthy for acid-loving greens and fruits. 

To boost the acid-levels of your soil, simply add a light layer of coffee grounds or tea leaves. By scattering a quarter-inch of coffee / tea grounds to your soil once a month, your acid-happy plants will thrive and thank you for your caffeinated gift. 

We hope this list helps you create the garden of your dreams this season. If you have any other suggestions or gardening tricks you’d like to share, tell us about them in the comments section below!

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