Father’s Day Gifts: Quirky Inventions for Dad

June 14, 2017

Father’s Day Gifts: Quirky Inventions for Dad

It’s almost Father’s Day, or as my dad refers to it, The Blessed Event. While everyone loves getting together with family to celebrate their old man, buying gifts for dad is notoriously difficult.

You want to get him something special, something he wouldn’t get on his own. While a bottle of Scotch or a cigar are classic favorites, after years of repeating the same gift, it’s nice to switch it up and get him something, well, a little more quirky.

If you’ve been banging your head against the wall struggling to think of a unique idea for your papa bear this year, have no fear, for you’ve come to the right place.

Quirky’s one-of-a-kind catalog of cool gadgets and innovative inventions is the perfect place to find something you know your dad doesn’t already have. Check out our list of 5 super cool Father’s Day gifts from the genius inventors here at Quirky.

5 Super Cool Father’s Day Ideas



Dads and cool gadgets go together like popcorn and butter. Nothing excites dads like a nifty piece of tech, especially something with a high utility that they can use all the time.

Now that we’re in the heat of summer and everyone’s hanging outside in the yard and enjoying the weather, a sweet Bluetooth speaker is a must-have for any music lover.

The Ohm takes Bluetooth speakers to the next level. Not only is this epic Bluetooth speaker lightweight, portable, and extremely convenient for on-the-fly picnics, but it also features a tray bed for charging your smart phone and USB port.

You’re dad will love this slick gadget and get plenty of usage this summer!

Plug Hub Cord Manager

If your dad is like mine then he loves his man-cave more than the rest of the house combined.

Whether your dad prefers to hang out in the basement or in his office, he’s doubtlessly stocked up his chill zone with plenty of technology, from big screen TVs to computers to stereo systems for his vinyl collection.

Regardless of his entertainment preferences there’s definitely a swarm of cords in his man-cave adding unnecessary clutter and frustration.

With the Plug Hub Cord Manager, your dad can hide all of the unsightly cords in one discreet unit. Never again will he scream out in frustration as he searches frantically for the right adaptor or cord to this or that device! Never again will he bemoan the mass of tangled cords behind the television! The Plug Hub Cord Manager will rid him of these stressors and create an organized cord setup.

Converge V1

A common annoyance for tech-friendly humans in the modern world is charging one’s devices. There are so many cords and adaptors and components that keeping everything ordered and available is nearly impossible. 

How often do you go to hit the hay sack only to realize that your phone charger has mysteriously vanished? Many charging cords are so small and easy to lose that we often do just that – lose them!

But thankfully there is a solution to this familiar woe. The Converge V1 docking station allows you to consolidate all of your cords and charge your devices in one easy location. Plus, the station is designed to create a beautiful display for your devices as they charge. It’ll really bring the room together.


It’s common for men to keep their wallets in their back pocket. But this practice has been shown to cause back pain, especially if you have a fat wallet full of cards, like many dads do.

If your dad often gripes about back pain but still carries his wallet around in his back pocket, then we have the perfect gift idea for you!

The Bandits elastic band with hooks provides an alternative to the bulky wallets men have used for so long. Simply wrap the Bandit around your phone and clasp all of your cash and cards directly to your phone. By slimming down the cards and ditching the wallet for the Bandit, your dad will keep his back pockets free and level out his butt cheeks when sitting, eradicating back pain and helping with posture.

He’ll love it!

Powershell Light

Is your dad a handy man or amateur garage tinkerer? If he is then he no doubt struggles from time to time with setting up the ideal lighting for his various endeavors and projects.

Whether he finds himself under a car or squinting inside a machine, rigging up the necessary lighting can be a pain. After all, flashlights work great, but only if you have a hand to spare.

With the Powershell Portable LED Light your dad will have the portable lighting system he’s always dreamed of. This high power LED light folds up into a convenient case and is completely waterproof. Plus, it has three AC outlets directly on it’s face for easy electricity access when he needs it.

We hope this list of Father’s Day ideas and cool gadgets helps you find the perfect gift your old man this summer. If you have any other ideas for cool Father’s Day gifts, let us know in the comments!

Happy Father’s Day!

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