9 Must-Have Back to School Items for Every College Student

August 08, 2017

9 Must-Have Back to School Items for Every College Student

As the end of summer approaches and the college internships begin to wind down, it’s time for college students to start planning for the fall semester. That means getting some new digs to impress your classmates, stocking up on Cup of Noodle bulk packs, and most importantly, getting all of your back to school necessities for your apartment and the classroom.

While everyone knows to get the basics: pencils, pens, notebooks, etc., there’s in fact a whole world of awesome back to school essentials that people tend to overlook until it’s too late.

To help you prepare for academic greatness, we’ve put together this helpful list of back to school items so you can be the best student possible this fall. Happy studying!

Align and Sheath Bundle

Price: $17.99

The Align and Sheath Bundle contains two items: the Align Stapler and the Sheath scissors.

The Align stapler is a nifty item that allows more flexibility than any stapler before. Whereas a typical stapler is limited by the reach of it’s arm, the Align contains a detachable base that allows you to staple wherever the heck you please, making this the perfect stapler for classroom projects and presentations.

The Sheath also brings innovation to a long existing tool. The Sheath scissors allow you to tuck one of the blades into a grooved handle transforming the scissors into an awesome single-blade tool making it ideal for opening boxes, curling ribbon, and scoring paper. 


Price: $3.00

These clever little contraptions are perfect for the sweatpants-donning college student who may not have pockets for smaller items.

Bandits are nylon cords with a clip that allows you to wrap them around your phone and keep all of your credit cards, pens, and gum contained in a tight unit. You can also use them to fasten sunglasses to your rearview mirror, hang a water bottle from your bike, or any other infinite number of possible uses.

You’ll soon ask yourself how you ever lived without them!

Cordies Bundle 2x (Charcoal)

Price: $19.99

Everybody knows that a cluttered desktop isn’t conducive to productive work. Who can study with a desk covered in a tangled mess of computer, headphone, and phone cords? Not us!

That’s where Cordies comes in.

This simply designed device sits on your desk and allows you to funnel all of your cords through it’s rows of holders, keeping all of your cords organized and your desk free for studying.

Powercurl Mini

Price: $8.99

Along with Cordies, the Powercurl Mini also helps you keep your cords in check. This cool little pod lets you wrap your iPhone’s power cord around its base and tuck in the adapter component for convenient holding. 

This adapter and cord organizer is perfect for keeping away the clutter and makes for super easy transportation, without the untangling process after you arrive at your destination. 

This is a must-have for all iPhone users!

Upwrite Universal

Price: $11.99

Do you love your iPhone but hate all the smeared fingerprints? Then the Upwrite Universal is the perfect gadget for you!

This small tool acts as both a conductive stylus for your smartphone as well as a kickstand to keep your touchscreen device propped up and easy to view. The kickstand makes Face-timing and chatting with friends an absolute breeze!

Pivot Power Jr.

Price: $19.99 

Every student, heck every desk on Earth, needs a power strip. There’s simply just not enough outlets in the natural world! Given how connected we are and how many electronic devices we use on a daily basis, you need a power strip to boost your outlet game and allow you to connect to multiple gadgets at once! 

Thankfully, the Pivot Power POP Jr. allows you to do just this. And unlike your grandma’s power strip, which was designed as a straight rectangle, making it so larger plugs would often cover up another outlet leading to wasted real estate, the Pivot Power POP Jr. bends with joints located on either side of each outlet. You’ll never waste another outlet again!

This power strip contains 4 outlets and 2 feet of cord.

Vessel Shower Caddy 

Price: $15.99

If you’re still living in the dorms, then you will definitely need a shower caddy. You don’t want to be fumbling with bottles of shampoo as you schlep down the hall in your towel do you?

The Vessel Shower Caddy is the Cadillac of shower caddies. It comes equipped with two suction cups, three roomy compartments, and two ventilating grommets.

You’ll be able to easily transport all of your shower necessities down the hall to the bathroom with complete ease.

Solo Collapsible Hangers (Pack of Four)

Price: $9.99 

Everybody needs hangers. How else do you hang your clothes? But hangers are a notorious pain in the neck. It can be so annoying trying to get a hanger through the neck of a shirt or sweater, and just as trying when it’s time to remove the clothes from the hanger. 

With the Solo collapsible hangers all of these woes are eradicated. The Solo hangers let you remove clothes from your rack with one swift motion. And because of the collapsible arm, you’ll never have to worry about stretching the neck of your favorite clothes ever again! 


Price: $39.99

The Converge V1 charging station is the king of docking stations. Not only does this device allow you discreetly hide of all your unsightly charging cables behind its body, but it’s also aesthetically pleasing in it’s own right. 

While your devices charge, they will also be displayed like trophies of the modern technological age. All of your gadgets are positioned to face you as well, so you can check on them whenever you need!


We hope this list of back to school items helps you get your college pad up and running. Good luck studying and remember to hydrate before bed! Those early classes are tough!

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