Quirky's 47 Top Inventions, Innovation, & Idea Blogs

August 17, 2016

Quirky's 47 Top Inventions, Innovation, & Idea Blogs

You know it. We know it.  There are millions of blogs floating around in the world wide web and it’s sometimes very difficult to know which ones you can trust for reliable, high-quality and helpful information.  We’ve done the research and TONS of Google searches and have identified below the 47 best blogs (in no specific order) for inventing, innovating and harnessing some good, old-fashioned creativity.  Happy reading!

1. InventorSpot.com

Inventor Spot Blog

This website is devoted entirely to informing its readers of new inventions on the market around the globe, and is aimed at supporting individual and self-motivated inventors with access to many resources, news and other updates.  On Technorati.com, InventorSpot.com was considered one of the Top 1,000 blogs referenced in the world!  

Website link: http://inventorspot.com/

2. Bright Ideas

 Smithsonian Blog

This blog belongs to the Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.  It’s articles feature not only upcoming must-see events at the Lemelson Center, but also a ton of invention-related research and current day inventions.  You know their information is reliable – it’s from the Smithsonian, after all!

Website link:  http://invention.si.edu/explore/blog

3. The Inventor Education Blog

The inventor education blog

Written by Mark Ryland, former United States representative of the International Federation of Inventor Associations – among many other note-worthy accomplishments – this blog features over 1,500 educational articles about anything and everything related to inventing and the industry.  This guy knows his stuff and thankfully, he’s opted to share his experience and opinions with the rest of the world’s aspiring inventors – a true team player.     

Website link: http://www.inventoropinion.com/

4. Invention Addict

Invention Addict Blog

With a free e-book, complete “How to Invent” step-by-step process, and tab titled “Design Help,” it’s no wonder that this powerhouse of a blog shows up as one of the first search results when Googling “invention blog.”  It’s a one-stop-shop for inventor resources, written by Stephen Bozzone, who holds six US issued patents himself.  He obviously knows what it takes to see the invention process through from start to finish and proves to be a great resource for others.

Website link: http://www.inventionaddict.com/blog/

5. IPWatchdog


Recognized as one of the leading sources for news and information in the patent and innovation industry, this resource serves as the everyday inventor’s liaison for the Intellectual Property industry.  In 2014, the company was announced to be the top “IP” blog on the Internet for three years in a row!  You can’t beat the combo of solid credentials and regular, content rich posts.

Website: http://www.ipwatchdog.com/

6. The Creativity Guru

Creativity Guru - Keith Sawyer

a.k.a. Keith Sawyer, one of the world’s leaders in the science of creativity, has written and edited 12 books about the process of creativity and how to increase your flow.  Luckily for us, his blog articles feature many ideas and concepts highlighted from his books, like the 8 Steps in the Creative process or 100 ways to improve your creativity.  If you’re itching to invent something great, but haven’t yet dreamed up your brilliant idea, you’ll definitely want to browse this blog.


7. Popular Science

Popular Science Logo

TWELVE blogs – that’s how much information this one website has to offer!  It will be a tough feat to pull your curious mind away from this site’s intriguing and informative articles, ranging in topic from the first slurpee delivery by drone to glowing green juice.  Your brain will be spinning with ideas galore after only a few minutes poking around Popular Science.

Website: http://www.popsci.com/

8. One Stop Invention Shop

One Stop Invention Shop Logo

The best part of this blog is in the name!  No matter what stage of the invention process you find yourself in, this blog will offer valuable information.  Especially of note, are articles by the author, Don Debelak, that dig into the details of invention logistics including licensing, market testing and how to recognize “patent trolls.”


9. Save the Inventor

Save the Inventor Logo

If you’ve got concerns or questions about the patent system or just want to learn about how the process works here in America, you’ll want to check out the articles on this site.  The authors of the blog are made up of a coalition of inventors, from various industries, who believe in the patent system and believe that inventing lies at the heart of economic prosperity.  A unique aspect of this blog is the attention paid to taking action to protect our patent system; there’s a link where you can tweet, send a letter to Congress, sign a petition and more for those who want to do more than just read articles.

Website link: http://www.savetheinventor.com/

10. Kids Activities Blog

Kids Activities Blog Logo

Maybe you aren’t the inventive one in the family, but your kiddo is.  And you want ideas on how to keep their spongey little brains soaking up all kinds of juicy information.  This truly creative blog offers up tons of ways to encourage creative thinking in kids of all ages – it even features activity tabs for different age groups like toddlers, kindergarten and family activities to try so the activities can be best tailored or most effective for your child.     

Website Link:  http://kidsactivitiesblog.com/80672/red-cup-stem-challenge-for-kids

11. Invent Help Blog

Invent Help Logo

Bite-sized morsels of helpful, useful information – that’s what this blog’s articles are made of!  These posts get right to the point about SO many useful topics.  As another plus, the articles are written by more than one author, so you’ll get more than one perspective on a variety of invention subjects.


12. Scott Berkun

Scott Burkken Blog

As the landing page of this blog loads, it’s immediately evident that Scott Berkun – author of six books including “Mindfire” and “The Myths of Innovation” - wants you to stick around his site for a while and come back time and time again.  Right off the bat, he provides some helpful and intriguing links like, “7 Reasons You’ll Come Back” and his “best posts of all the time.”  It’s clear he’s passionate about innovation and inspiring others to harness more of it.

Website: http://scottberkun.com/

13. Inventor’s Digest

Inventors Digest Logo

This Internet resource reads less like a traditional blog and more like an online magazine – because it IS a magazine, dedicated solely to the inventing!  Inventor’s Digest publishes a new issue every month, and you can access many of their articles for free online.  Topics range from new inventions on the market to Trade Show recaps to inspiring personal stories that inspired innovation and bright ideas to improve lives.  You can also subscribe to the printed publication.

Website link: http://idmagazine.wpengine.com/

14. The Heart of Innovation

Heart of Innovation

Published by Idea Champion, a consulting and training company that specializes in nurturing and harnessing innovation, especially in a corporate setting.  If you need resources and tactics on how to get your employees or team thinking in new ways that will inspire innovation, this blog features professional content to get your innovative juices flowing with articles like, “Why leaders shouldn’t lead brainstorming sessions.”

Website link:  http://www.ideachampions.com/weblogs/about.shtml

15. Stuff of Genius

Stuff of Genius Logo 

Featuring a hodge podge of articles about genius people, inventions and ideas, this blog is researched, written and hosted by Christian Sager, a content lead for the hugely popular site, HowStuffWorks.com.  

Website: http://www.geniusstuff.com/

16. Lateral Action

Lateral Action Blog Logo

Not only does this unique blog offer help with sparking your creative fire, but how to be productive with your creative thinking.  This blog is about much more than day dreaming and doodling!  The articles mention the importance of taking risks and balancing creativity with real-world action.  That’s a winning combination in our books!


17. IdeaStormz

Idea Stormz Logo

This forum-style site is formatted differently than a blog, but is full of great ideas and conversations from people just like you.  Folks from all over post their ideas and topics to various post categories like inventions ideas, but also wedding ideas, public service ideas, license plates ideas and SO much more.  Chances are, any idea you have fits into some IdeaStormz category – post it and get some good conversations going with other curious thinkers.   

Website: http://www.ideastormz.com/

18. The Complete Innovator

Complete Innovator Blog

The author of this corporate innovation blog has over 20 years of experience creating dynamic innovation plans for business giants like MetLife, Coca-Cola, Estee Lauder, Pfizer and more and is sharing his secrets to success.  Even if you are more interested in individual innovative practices, this blog is bound to provide valuable insight from an innovative genius.

Website: https://completeinnovator.com/

19. The Creative Mind

Creative Minds Newletter Logo

This artful blog explores the idea of creativity from a broader perspective, like the identity of creative people, their common personality traits and, most importantly, how to develop more creativity.  So don’t worry – you don’t have to be born a creative individual – it’s a trait that can be learned and The Creative Mind can help.

Website: http://thecreativemind.net/

20. Creative Thursday

Creative Thursday by maria Blog

In this blog, the author shares her passion for all things creative and thoughts on various topics.  In her “About Me” section she mentions how the blog was simply meant to function as a creative outlet for her in the midst of her “9 – 5 job,” and it turned into so much more.  Not only are her posts inspiring and thought-provoking, her whole blog is testament to how creativity can happen anytime, anywhere, and can take you down a whole different path in life.

Website: http://blog.creativethursday.com/

21. Lifehack.org

Life hack Blog Logo

By now, you’ve probably heard the term “life hack” at least once, even if you were unsure exactly what it meant.  Essentially, a life hack is any idea, process, or thing that improves that quality of your life in a big or small way.  And luckily for us, there’s a whole website devoted to Life Hacks!  Each little tip you’ll read on this site will make you think, “why didn’t I think of that??”  Ranging from ways to be more productive and accomplished to novel ways to clean your bathroom, Lifehack.org will undoubtedly get you thinking in new ways in no time.

Website:  http://www.lifehack.org/

22. Innovation Excellence

Innovation Excellence

This website, blog and online community devoted to everything innovative was started by three professionals known around the globe for their work in the field of innovation and their repertoires are pretty impressive.  With credentials like author, keynote speaker, trusted innovation advisor and thought leader on innovative enterprise, you’ll want to make sure to browse thru the helpful topics on this powerhouse of a blog.

Website:  http://innovationexcellence.com/

23. IdeaConnection

Idea Connection Logo

This blog is hosted by a company that specializes in providing customized innovation solutions to businesses of all sizes, so you know their content is bound to helpful, relevant and inspiring.  Also, their blog covers a wide range of topics related to innovation, including science, business, economics, etc. , and their overall mission is to help clients “deliver amazing improvements for mankind.”  

Website: https://www.ideaconnection.com/innovation-blogs/

24. Pinterest

If you haven’t already checked out this quickly growing social media platform for all things creative, unique and inventive, you are missing out!  Simply typing in the search term “innovation” on this online bulletin board will yield hundreds of results, leading to never-ending trail of inspirational images, blogs and websites from across the world wide web.  The best part about Pinterest?  There’s an image attached to every “pin,” or post, so you can get an idea at quick glance of the type of content featured on every link.

Website:  https://www.pinterest.com/

25. Improvides /Idea to Value.com

As one of the most regularly updated blogs on our list, you’ll find new thought-provoking articles every couple of days written by experts in the field of innovation.  You can also sign up a free account with the website and get access to even more expert content, newsletters, special learning opportunities and more.  Did we mention it’s FREE?  And many of the articles feature helpful and engaging videos.  

Website: https://www.ideatovalue.com/blog/

26. Next Big Future

next big future logo

 This site’s author, Brian Wang, has written over 18,500 articles for Next Big Future covering a multitude of subjects, all related to how the future of our world is constantly evolving thanks to mankind’s inventions and leaps and bounds in information.  You could spend a whole day reading his informative and ultra-up to date articles and still barely make a dent in all the quality reading material available!   

Website: http://nextbigfuture.com/

27. InformationWeek

Information Week Logo

This blog’s motto is “Connecting the business technology community.”  If technological innovation is of interest to you, then you’ll want to access this blog’s up to date information about how technology is changing our future more each day.  True, it functions more as an online news source rather than a blog, but we felt it deserved a place on our Top 50 list!

Website: http://www.informationweek.com/

28. Edison Nation Blog

Edison Nation Logo

Another innovation-centric blog, this source’s most recent article subjects include, inventor spotlights, cool inventions that should exist and inquiry-style articles like “Where do you r innovation ideas come from?”  Another cool feature of this blog: each post contains a tag listing its read time length (2 minutes, 5 minutes) – brownie points for the convenience factor!

Website:   http://blog.edisonnation.com/

29. Quirky/Shop Quirky

Quirky Blog

We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but our blog has some helpful articles, and it didn’t seem right to not include Quirky on this list.  Our blog’s articles are designed to inspire, inform and encourage creativity and experiment with innovation with whatever ideas come to mind.  There are no right answers, just lots of great ideas with a lot of potential, and it’s our goal to provide you with a steady stream of knowledge to guide you every step of the way.

Website:  https://shop.quirky.com/blogs/news

30. The Inventor Lady

Inventor Lady Blog Logo

 a.k.a. Rita Crompton, has been blogging about helpful and practical invention practices since 2011.  She comes from a corporate marketing background and so many of her articles focus on insider tips, as well as providing other business and industry information that only an expert could know, like trademark laws, patent attorneys and much more.   

Website:  http://www.inventorlady.com/?p=979

31. Mandy Haberman

Telling the less than commonly heard story of the female inventor, this self-made entrepreneur shares her secrets and insights in her blog.  As a little background, she worked as a graphic designer and then created her first invention, the Haberman Feeder, when her third child had a lot of trouble feeding, with many other inventions to follow.  Her humble story and self-made success proves anyone can make it in the world of inventing – it just takes some passion and the right idea!

Website:   http://mandyhaberman.com/mandy-haberman-my-story

32.   Patently-O

Patently-O Logo

The patenting process can seem very confusing and complex, especially to the invention newbie – and so much so that there are attorneys dedicated to JUST practicing patent law!  If you’re interested in digging deeper into the world of patents (which can only work in your favor if you want to make it big with an idea), this blog is a great starting point.  Both authors are associate professors at universities specializing in law practice, so you can bet they know their stuff.

Website:  http://patentlyo.com/

33. Kluwer Patent Blog

This blog digs into the nitty gritty details of the patenting process on a global scale.  Boasting 15 different content contributors and authors, this resource is sure to provide a wealth of perspectives and well-rounded overviews of the patent system so you can knowledgeably act for your best interest in the various phases of the patent process.  

Website: http://kluwerpatentblog.com/

34. Front End of Innovation Blog

Keeping a finger on the pulse of world-wide achievements in innovation and reporting to the masses, that’s the purpose of this blog.  With readers in 51 countries and counting, and hundreds of helpful articles, you’ll want to keep tabs on this site to stay up to date on global innovation.

Website:   http://frontendofinnovationblog.iirusa.com/

35. Bio-friendly Blog

Bio Friendly Blog Logo

An increasingly popular motivator for innovation around the world is the urge to discover and implement ways to save, maintain and preserve our planet’s beautiful natural resources.  No invention is worth a thing if we have no place to call home!  There are so many aspects of life where eco-friendly innovation can be useful and helpful and this blog has highlighted the best of the best.

Website: http://biofriendly.com/blog/

36. Inventor Strategies

Inventor Strategies Logo

With over 30 invention topics to choose from – including fun ones like “Accidental” and “Crazy” – you can easily search for specific inventions on this easily-navigable blog.  There’s also a listing of more than 30 article categories which cover everything from patents and trademarks to prototypes and filing submissions and everything in between.

Website: http://www.inventor-strategies.com/new-invention-blog.html

37. Invention Squad

Invention Squad Logo

This beneficial resource focused on encouraging invention in kids features not one but TWO blogs: one titled Workshops Blog and a second titled Invention Challenges.  The first blog highlights invention-related workshops hosted by the company and the second blog provides available opportunities for inventors to submit creations and ideas to various competitions.  And even thought this resource is geared towards youth, it contains information helpful to adults, also!

Website: http://inventionsquad.blogspot.com/

38. Awesome Inventions

Awesome Inventions Logo

True, this site is more of an online shopping site for inventions, but it could also be a good jump off point to collect creative ideas and inspiration for your own future inventions – and there are HUNDREDS of items to search through.  Just start browsing and see what comes to mind!

Website: http://www.awesomeinventions.com/blog/

39. Open Innovation Community

Open Innovation Community Forum

This forum-style online community was created by Dr. Henry Chesbrough, the “father of open innovation,” and encourages enthusiastic sharing of innovative ideas, supported by research, and followed by collaborative feedback from others.  With new articles posted sometimes daily to the site, you’ll want to check in regularly to see what’s cooking with this group of passionate innovators – and maybe even join them!

Website: http://blog.openinnovation.net/

40. MIT Technology Review

If you’re looking for high-quality and informative information about technological advancements and achievements, this is the blog for you.   Any content that comes from MIT’s online news source/blog has got to be solid, reliable and hot off the press.

Website: https://www.technologyreview.com/about/

41. CultureBy – Grant McCracken

At the heart of invention lies the innate desire to help people, to make the world a bit better.  And in order to help people, it’s necessary to understand people.  Which is the blog about culture and society by Grant McCracken has made out list of the Top 50 invention blogs, as it offers some very interesting insight into our species and if worth a few reads.

Website: http://cultureby.com/bio

42. Ideas Uploaded

This all-inclusive site contains not only helpful blog posts on the whole gamut of invention topics, but also Inventor links, podcasts, interviews and more.  The author, Tara Roskell, is a self-proclaimed “ideas and creative person” and seems to just love sharing any information that could be helpful to the aspiring inventor.

Website: http://ideasuploaded.com/ideas-blog/

43. Davison Blog

With articles dating back to 2008, you’ll find a ton of invention knowledge on Davison’s Corporate blog.  Also featured is a YouTube Channel and article categories like Product News, Inventor Stories and Inventing Advice.

Website:   http://www.davison.com/blog/category/innovative-inventions/

44. USPTO.gov

US patent

Although the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s website is not a blog, their “Learning and Resources” tab offers a plethora of links that expand upon the topic of the patent process and tons of FAQs.

Website:  http://www.uspto.gov/learning-resources

45. Matthew E. May

Author of “Winning the Brain Game” and a self-proclaimed “innovation strategist,” May’s articles are intriguing and thought-provoking which makes his blog a great one to browse for inspiration as you start to think differently about the world.

Website: http://matthewemay.com/blog/

46. Idea Sandblog

This helpful site is a lot more than just a cute and clever name.  Hosted by Idea-Sandbox.com (yes, another cute name!), a branding company, they approach creativity from a beneficial marketing perspective.  No matter how good an idea may be, if you can’t market your idea, your invention or even yourself, you’ll be dead in the water – making this blog an important resource to look into.

Website: http://www.idea-sandbox.com/blog/

47. Inside Impact

This blog is hosted by VentureWell.org, a non-profit dedicated to empowering collegiate communities to push forward and pursue the best and brightest ideas of college students.  Even if you aren’t in college, you’ll surely benefit from scrolling through the articles and resources within this blog.

Website:  https://venturewell.org/blog/

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