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Dorm life. It may not be glamorous, but it sure is fun! And to make it even better, snag one of each of our top 10 products for back to school to make your year the most successful and enjoyable one yet. You’ll be the talk of the class with all these cool, multipurpose-tech items and accessories, and clever organizational tools – a.k.a. your secret weapons for a stellar school year!    

Mantis Task Light - $24.99

Desk Light by Quirky - $24.99

This sleek, versatile and powerful light is the only one you’ll need for those late night study sessions! Wherever you go, this battery-powered LED rod clips to any spot on your computer’s monitor to brighten your keyboard, can stand freely on its (that’s when it looks most like a praying mantis!), or can be laid or placed anywhere you need some rays. A must have for every hard studier for sure!    

Crate Storage System Bundles – From $69.99

Stackable Storage Bins by Quirky – From $69.99

Any dorm dweller you know could greatly benefit from these incredibly functional and interchangeable compact crates. Dorms can be quite cramped, with little room sometimes for anything more than a bed, desk, and dresser. The crates in this storage system can be stacked, rolled, equipped with shelves and hooks, and closed off with drawers, meaning you have limitless possibilities in how you organize your space, no matter how big or small, to work best for your lifestyle and needs.     

Cordies Cord Keeper - $14.99

Cord Organizer by Quirky - $14.99

Any college or high school student earning an education or degree in the 21st Century is undoubtedly and utterly hooked to multiple electronic and digital devices – a cell phone (maybe more than 1), a laptop, iPad or tablet, speakers and possibly charging controllers for gaming systems or batteries for a camera or GPS. And with all those devices, come plenty of cords and plugs just waiting to get tangled together. With Cordies, it’s easy to corral all your power cords and devices into one easy to reach spot, where they’ll stay put in this clever little tool’s rubber grip loops and won’t slip away.      

Ohm Wireless Speaker & Charging Station - $129.99

Ohm Wireless Speaker & Charging Station - $129.99

Walk down any dorm hallway and chances are, you’ll hear tunes blasting from someone’s room, maybe from all of them! Great tunes and college go hand in hand, so why not have a booming speaker that does double duty as a cordless phone charger? If you LOVE playing music from your smart phone, but hate how streaming drains your battery, you’re going to need the Ohm Wireless Speaker in your life. This compact and sleek wireless speaker doubles as a docking station so you can charge your phone and speaker while you jam out. If your heading out, your speaker is ready to go, just pop it on the dock to charge when you return.

No wires, no plugs – just tons of music and convenient charging!

Charge 4000 mAh Battery Pack - $49.99

Portable Battery and USB Port - $49.99

You won’t want to step foot into the library for a lengthy study session without the compact powerhouse of a charger. Small enough to fit in your purse, bag or even the palm of your hand, the Charge Battery Pack is strong enough to power up your cell phone to 100% in half the time of a conventional charger. Portable. Tiny. Strong. Sleek. And can charge any electronic device. We say it’s a necessity for any student on the go!

Vessel Shower Caddy - $15.99

Vessel Shower Caddy - $15.99

College is great – sharing a bathroom and shower with numerous other students on your floor is not so much fun. But you’ll have to get used to it when you live in a dorm and this ultimate shower caddy will make the transition a bit more enjoyable. Equipped with two suction cups, the Vessel can be stuck to the walls instead of sat on the icky shower floor, keeping your supplies clean and out of the way. Any water that collects will drain through big grommets in the sides and corners of your caddy, and there’s even a special holster for your toothbrush and razor.  Welcome to your one-stop shower shop!

Loopits Organizing Bands - $9.99

Loopits Organizing Bands - $9.99

Two people (sometimes 3) living in one small room – yeah, dorms can be a bit cramped. Most dorm rooms have just enough space to fit two small beds, desks and dressers, but what if you need more room for your necessities. Create endless storage possibilities for all your possessions with Loopits Bands. There sturdy elastic bands stretch around knobs that can be mounted to walls, cabinets, doors – even inside a fridge! Tuck your items in between the bands for a unique storage solution which keeps your everyday items within site and reach at all times.    

Contort USB Hub - $24.99

Multiple USB Hub - $24.99

Imagine – you were sick and missed class for a couple days and your awesome roommate took notes on her laptop, saved them to thumb drive and is giving them to you!  You sit down at a library computer with her USB and yours to copy the file and you can find only one USB port…

What now? Luckily for you, you remember you’ve packed your Contort USB Hub in preparation for this very situation. This convenient power hub turns one USB port into four so you’re never left searching for another port. You can even charge your phone a little while you upload those files. Any device that multitasks is a winner in our book.      

Props Earbud Organizer - $5.99

Props Earbud Organizer - $5.99 

With all those walks across campus and to the bus stop, your ear buds will become your best friend. If you’ve tried everything to keep your buds within reach when they’re not in use or when chatting for a few moments, including threading them under your shirt and over your shirt collar, you’ll love this insanely simple product to keep your buds in place. Simply hang Props around your neck with both ends resting on your chest, thread the wire of each bud through the grips, and let Props catch your buds every time you drop them out of your ears. So simple. So easy. No more dropping buds or getting tangled in cords.      

Crossover iPhone 6 Plus Case - $7.99

 Crossover iPhone 6 Plus Case - $7.99

Cell phone, check. Student ID, check.  Cash, check.  License, check. Credit or debit card, check. And all of this you keep safe and tucked away with the X-shaped Crossover case that is a triple threat: covers the back of your phone with a colorful, chic design, provides a rubber bumper and protection on all corners and the back of your device and – the best part – a super easy alternative to store your cards, cash, sticks of gum, lip gloss, or any other small items you might need when you hit the town with the crew.

These are just some of our favorite products available for Back to School time, but you’ve got to check out our full inventory here. Quirky’s clever products were created by people like you FOR you, so you’re bound to have your best school year yet.   

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